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What Our Clients Say


What Our Clients Say

Acme Markets

On June 20, 2019, Acme Markets #4723, located in Flourtown, PA experienced a major breach in our structure's roof, resulting in major physical damage to the structure, and water damage throughout the store. Luckily, there were no injuries as a result of the disaster. Early morning calls were made, and at our time of need, you rose the occasion.

I would like to personally thank you, on behalf of the Acme Family, for all you and your team did in helping to restore not just the physical facility in Flourtown but helping to restore our presence in the community in record time. Less than 30 days transpired from disaster to reopening, and this was truly a herculean effort that proves when you have great leadership, a great team, extensive knowledge, and a plan to move forward to, that we truly can accomplish any goal and move mountains.

It is with people like you and your company that make all the difference here at Acme Markets. Your monumental effort is what made this endeavor possible. To you, and the team members that helped, assisted, and spent the time away from their "normal" to help us reopen, I would like to again extend a heartfelt thank you for all you have done, and I am sure will continue to do here at Acme Markets.

Cushman & Wakefield USA

I am writing this letter to endorse the services of Joseph S. Smith Roofing, Inc. During the past 10 years our building has used Joseph S. Smith Roofing exclusively as our roofing contractor for maintenance, repairs and replacements (as needed).

They provide high quality services, are always professional, work excellently with the on-site staff and offer very competitive rates. Their work is first class.

I highly recommend them to my fellow property managers and anyone needing roof work.

Weight Watchers Philadelphia

Though there are no shortage of good and honest roofers in the Philadelphia Region, Smith Roofing stands tall as one of the very best. Not only have we used them for replacing roofs but they are our '#1 go to' for roof repairs at our properties in and out of the city. In addition to first class work I have found them to always be friendly, responsive and unquestionably honorable.

Rycon Construction

I was extremely pleased with the work ethic and dedication that Smith Roofing puts on their projects. The projects are well managed from the office to the field. Smith Roofing enables their entire crew to make the correct decisions to ensure quality and schedule. The communication, openness, and collaboration that they demonstrate is top notch to ensure a successful project.

Deptford Mall

As the former Operations Manager for Deptford Mall, in Deptford, New Jersey, it was very important to have a roofing company available for emergency and non emergency repairs.

We found that roofing company several years ago with Smith Roofing. They replaced two (2) sections of our mall roof with minimal tenant disruption and were a pleasure with which to work. In addition. they performed all of our roofing repairs accurately and in a timely manner. Their pricing is fair and they are always honest.

Joe and Brendon Smith are excellent at follow thru and communication. Their supervisors and techs always communicated updated leak and other repair information with me or the management office.

I highly recommend Smith Roofing.

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